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Table Tennis Equipment & Accessories

Here at Ping Pong Power, we offer a range of table tennis tables and accessories from our UK base. Our website includes the online sale of both indoor and outdoor tables, table tennis bats and balls, nets and posts, and other accessories. Our range of indoor tables includes Table Tennis tables from the brands Butterfly, Cornilleau, Mightmast and Stiga. We also stock Butterfly table tops only. Our range of outdoor table tennis tables comes from the same brands, offering a weather resistant option, so you can play a game of Table Tennis come rain or shine. Our range of table tennis bats includes those from Butterfly, Cornilleau, Stiga and Sure Shot, and this is the same for our selection of table tennis balls.

When it comes to nets and posts, we provide our customers with both clamp-style and clip-style nets and posts, as well as permanently fixed ones, and replacement nets. Clip-style nets and posts simply clip onto the table, whilst clamp-style offer a step-up as they offer better stability and can have a greater quality and performance whatever table you are using. Within our permanent solutions, we provide a net measure gauge, which measures the height and tension of the net. Our replacement nets come from Cornilleau and come in a range of options to suit your requirements. Lastly, our extensive range of accessories includes bat and table covers, bat and table care, competition accessories, and even practice robots. We have a range of styles and brands of bat covers, and table covers include those for folded tables, as well as those which cover the whole open table.

Our range of care products include sponges and specialist cleaning products to tackle rubber surfaces and Table Tennis tables, as well as glue to fix any table tennis rubbers. Table tennis competition accessories include scoring machines, as well as collecting nets for when hundreds of balls are flying around, as well as competition surrounds, umpire tables, and stands for towels or ball boxes. Table tennis robots are great for professional or serious table tennis players as they allow you to practice without another partner, enabling you to continue to develop your play even when solo.

For more information about any of our products, simply get in touch today.