How to Choose a Table Tennis Table

Table Tennis Table

The kind of table tennis table you should choose depends upon you and your needs.  Commercial properties may be looking for the apparatus for this popular game for a completely different reason than a domestic customer.  Likewise, a professional player will be looking out for specific things for their game, that are unnecessary for the beginner.  This does not mean that the game cannot be played properly on a cheaper table, or that any of the choices available on Ping Pong Power are made from low-rate materials that will break easily when used, but simply that the more precise properties of each material used can make the difference between a tournament level of gaming and a friendly game amongst friends and family.  The brands we stock, including Butterfly, Cornilleau Indoor table tennis tables, and Mightymast provide choices for all levels of player, and have both indoor and outdoor choices available.

If you have young children that would like to play the game, and it is primarily for them and playing with their friends, then certain measurements and specifications may not matter so much.  However, if you, or any young members of your family would like to improve over time at the game, it would be worth you investing in products with the measurements used for a more serious or professional level of play.  For example, the thickness of the table can make a difference to the bounce of the ball.  As the rules of the game requires you to bounce the ball on your side of the net and pass cleanly over the net before it is given to your opponent for play, you can appreciate how the level of bounce the top provides is important.  For practise level or beginners who want to play regularly with friends, but have the ability to improve at the game, or for commercial properties looking to stock one, we recommend 19mm or above thickness of table.  Once your level of ability gets better, you will be more likely to be able to tell the difference between the different thicknesses.  You may then wish to consider 22mm – 25mm measurement.  Another words: the thicker the table, the better.

Commercial, or educational customers must therefore consider why they need the tables before choosing from our brands.  For example, are you a leisure holiday facility?  You may therefore wish to choose a cheaper option than the 22mm and above, but one that still provides a good level of performance (19mm).  However, if you have a property that provides competitions and hosts tournaments then you will no doubt want to choose from the very best.  Our stock includes the best manufacturers around, including Mightmast, Butterfly, and Cornilleu.

For example, our stock options are known to be amongst the best choices available.  The Butterfly table tennis tables, Cornilleau and Mightymast table tennis tables all use excellent materials for their products, and are all associated with professional, tournament levels of the game, and come highly recommended.  We, at Ping Pong Power, also provide guarantees on our products, to assure you of the quality we are proud to provide.

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