How to Level Up Your Table Tennis Game

If you have a good understanding of playing table tennis, you’re likely thinking about how to advance your game. Many people have played table tennis or ping pong for a long period. It has been considered a highly competitive sport in many countries in Asia.

It’s also becoming more competitive in other parts of the globe. It’s not surprising that many people enjoy playing it. Continue reading to know tips on how to level up your table tennis game.

Using Your Whole Body When You Do Strokes Using Your Forehand

You have to make sure to turn your hips around and move your shoulders back when you do the backswing. Then, doing the stroke using your forehand, go forward into the ball. This movement should be done together with transferring body weight to the front of your foot. A common error in stroking using the forehand is using the arm solely to hit the ball. This affects your consistency and power significantly.

Having a Steady Ready Position

This means you have to balance your position and condition your body to move in all directions instantly. This is helpful when you prepare between strokes and return serves.

Practising Strokes Until They Become Automatic

Much mental energy is consumed when you try to imagine how the stroke feels or looks when you’re learning a new skill in table tennis. After you’ve imagined it, what you do next is to practice it again and again until you can naturally do it. This skill becomes automatic. You become the best in your game if you automatically play that skill and not analyze it anymore.

Having Your Own Table Tennis Bats

You need to have your own bat and make sure that this is the one and only bat you use. Table tennis bats don’t have the same feel and characteristics. You’ll benefit a lot if you don’t try to use different or experiment with new bats. You also need to take good care of your bat.

If you’re not using it, store it in its case. Bats with a smooth surface should be washed with a special racket cleaner or soap and water solution after use.

Improving Sidespin Serving

Hardly any beginner players utilize sidespin serving, but professional players use this in their games almost all the time. Sidespin serving is virtually used with backspin or topspin. Pure sidespin is very rarely used in the game.

Beneficial sidespin or backspin you can do is by targeting the lower side of the net then bouncing on the opposite side twice. This will result in not giving your opponent serve return opportunities.

Keeping Returns Low Beyond the Net

Generally, your opponent has less angle to utilize when you make your shots lower beyond the net. So, it will be more difficult for them to give a strong hit. There’s an exception to this. That is if you’re using lobs. If you’re using these, you would want to position the ball extremely high beyond the net.


The tips mentioned above can help improve your table tennis game. However, you have to practice playing it as much as possible for it to be effective. At the same time, you also have to invest in quality table tennis that works best for you.