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Table Tennis Table Tops

At Ping Pong Power we have everything anyone could need to play ping pong or table tennis at home or on the go.

Saying ‘the table tennis tops available at Ping Pong Power’, can be quite a mouthful.  However, saying that the table tennis conversion tops, that we have available, are the ideal choice for any lovers of the game when space isn’t available, is an absolute truth!  However, not only are they a great space saver, they are an absolute must for the avid player, enabling you to get a few extra games and practise in whenever the opportunity arises.  For example, with a table tennis table top you can easily pack it away to take to a friend’s house, or even take it away on holiday.  All you need is a top to place it on, and your good to go!

The ping pong table top is an ideal choice of game for a fun evening with friends, or even for an afternoon garden party.  The Butterfly table tennis top easily connects to a surface, which means that a pool table, desk, or even your dining area or a kitchen island can become a platform to play a quick game, or even a fun tournament, any time you wish.

The Butterfly brand is well known in the world or ping pong and table tennis.  Although the table tennis top does fold up much like a butterfly can fold its wings, this is not where the renowned and experienced company got its name from.  The company that produces this amazing table tennis conversion top was founded by Hikosuke Tamasu after the 2nd world war ended.  The butterfly has long been a symbol of renewal, and new beginnings; a sign of hope, and of beauty.  This is what Hikosuke wanted to promote with his brand for this fun, yet skilful game.  This game, along with many other activities would help all at the time to move on to better things.

Just like Butterfly, we here at Ping Pong Power, strive to offer you the best products on the market, whether you want to learn, are a professional player, or you just want to have some fun playing with friends whenever the opportunity presents itself.  For more information on the best products available for you, contact us.

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