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Table Tennis Net and Post


Think that table tennis nets are simple devices which are not worth a second thought when assembling your ping pong equipment?  Think again!  During a competitive game of table tennis, a lot of activity happens in a very small area and at very high speed!  As a result, it can sometimes be hard to follow exactly what is happening, and recording the results of each game accurately can depend on having the right gear.

There are essentially three types of table tennis posts & net setups, each suited to its own particular circumstances.  Whether you opt for a fixed net, clip on net or a net with clampable posts will depend on  how your gear will be used, as each choice has its own advantages.

Fixed Table Tennis Nets

Fixed, or permanent, table tennis nets are designed for in- or outdoor use and can withstand rough treatment.  For tables in pubs, holiday camps, arcades and youth centres, these nets are a good choice as they can take hundreds of hours of play with zero maintenance.  Ideal for casual games and when introducing youngsters to the sport, they are unsuitable for more competitive games as a solid ‘net’ makes it harder to hone your skills.

Clip On Table Tennis Nets

Having acquired a taste for the game in one of the above scenarios, players can buy clip on table tennis nets to practice at home.  Light, compact, and inexpensive, table tennis nets with clip on posts can be stored and transported easily, and will fix to many types of dining table as well as proper table tennis tables.

Clampable TT Nets

For proper games between skilled players, clampable TT nets can be adjusted to the correct tension and will respond to playing conditions just as you would expect professional equipment to do.