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Table Tennis Balls

As with all ball games, the ball is a key piece of equipment in table tennis! Although they are comparatively light and cheap ping pong balls must be of acceptable quality and have the right characteristics to make for an enjoyable playing experience. Never ones to shy away from going the extra mile, at Ping Pong Power we bring balls from as far afield as Japan to provide the best possible products for our customers.

Traditional white ping pong balls are what most of our customers look for, although orange is also available as this stands out better on some table colours and in some surroundings. The main qualities we look for in a good quality ball include the following:

Roundness – it’s surprisingly difficult to manufacture a product which is perfectly round. The suppliers we choose have demonstrated that they can consistently produce spherical balls which will behave consistently during play.

Hardness and weight – the way a ball reacts depends on these factors. Some of our table tennis balls are made heavier and more solid for outdoor use.

Consistent spin, bounce and trajectory – these characteristics are important as your game develops.

Full wall thickness – the most modern balls use special manufacturing techniques to eliminate seams and give the material a uniform thickness throughout.

All of our ping pong balls for sale combine these features in different amounts. Another consideration is price, and we have some especially affordable models for beginners and schools. Before you buy ping pong balls it is important to weigh up what your priorities are, how the products will be used, and how many you will need. This deal supplies 288 balls in a single pack.

No need to wonder “Where can I buy table tennis balls near me?”, just contact us and order online!