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Stiga Table Tennis Balls

At Pingpongpower, we provide various customers with table tennis tables and related products and accessories, including tennis balls. As part of our range of tennis balls, we provide balls from a variety of brands including Stiga.

The Stiga brand began by manufacturing lawnmowers and motorised garden tools from Sweden, and has built a great reputation for its table tennis products. It began producing table tennis products as early as 1938, just four-years after it was founded. Its table tennis products are a big part of what has made the brand world-famous.

Our range of table tennis balls or ping pong balls includes the Stiga Cup Celluloid white balls, Stiga Cup 40+ white balls, Stiga 1 Star Master balls, Stiga 2 Star Winner balls, and Stiga Star 3 Perform balls. Each of these packs of table tennis balls are supplied in packs of six. The Stiga range of ping pong balls is designed to be suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.

Employing advanced technology and extreme accuracy throughout the manufacturing process, the Stiga Cup Celluloid balls are made by computer to gain the precise thickness to produce the best quality. The Stiga Cup 40+ are the most popular choice for home use, with the Stiga 1 Star Master balls also suitable for beginners.

The Stiga 2 Star Winner balls are a great choice for training and play for exercise, suited to multi-ball practice, robot training and match play. Finally, the Stiga Star 3 Perform balls are ITTF-approved and of the highest quality for competitive play, providing a professional quality in terms of raw material, weight, and roundness.

To discover more about our selection of table tennis balls from Stiga or any other brand, please visit our contact page and we will be glad to help with any questions you may have for us.


Stiga Table Tennis Balls

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