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Table Tennis Bats

What is the difference between different types of table tennis bats, really?  A ping pong bat may seem like a very simple thing, but as is so often the case with sporting equipment, the slightest difference can have a big effect in the heat of competition.

Many table tennis tables are sold as starter kits, and come with bats included.  However, these are usually the most basic type of paddle, and are really only suitable for beginners and youngsters who are playing casually.  These bats are deliberately made with a slower feel, which means the bat stays in contact with the ball slightly longer on each shot.  This is the best table tennis bat for beginners to learn to use their equipment properly, and develop their stroke in a controlled way.  If you buy a table tennis racket online from a non-specialist supplier it will usually be of this type, however they will probably be unable to give you any guidance on using the paddle and improving your game.

As your playing improves, it’s a good idea to get a better table tennis racket before you find that your equipment is holding you back.  Each tt bat is engineered to be a balance between three characteristics, namely speed, spin and control.  All of these attributes are directly linked to the others, so no bat can be produced to be perfect in all three ways; you have to find a model with the balance which best suits you.  The established brands we supply here at PingPongPower have all shown themselves to be capable of supplying world class gear, so check out the write-ups for each product and see which one you think would suit you best.

Some table tennis bats have special features, which may be just the thing you need to level-up your game.  For example, thumb notches allow you to position your blade more precisely, while anatomic handles reduce fatigue on the hand.  The very best table tennis bats for sale from PingPongPower combine many or all of these features, but as ping pong is a simple game, it won’t cost you the earth to invest in equipment which can really improve your playing.

Table tennis is a sport with a loyal following, but since few people pursue it seriously it can be difficult to find good equipment in sports stores.  Buying table tennis bats online (along with other gear such as balls and nets) will mean you get better information and a wider choice.