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Stiga Table Tennis Bats

Stiga Table Tennis Bats

As powerful as your swing may be, you can’t show off your skills without arming yourself with quality equipment. Here at Ping Pong Power, we represent the top brands of table tennis products and accessories. As part of our collection, we supply ping pong paddles to the UK, including a range of Stiga table tennis bats.

For advanced players, we offer a range of high-quality batons suitable for professional and competitive games. From the 1 Star Radical to the 5 Star Carbo Bat, we offer an extensive range to meet your requirements for speed, spin, control, and budget. Our team will be happy to offer expert advice to help find the right bat for your game.

We cater to all levels of skill and commitment. For recreational games, we can supply the Hobby Fighter Bat. This paddle provides excellent control at an affordable price, perfect for beginners and casual players. We also recommend the Hobby Kontra paddle for superior control and speed.

If you keep your table outside, we can provide the specially designed Stiga Flow Outdoor Bat. Featuring weather and shock resistance, these paddles offer durability and style for games indoors and outdoors. Come rain, snow, or sun, Stiga outdoor rackets ensure you can play all year round.

We also stock Stiga Tt racket sets. For casual players, we recommend the Scenic Bat Set, comprising two quality bats, 3 balls, and a net. This is a perfect combo for those new to ping pong, providing 30 speed, 20 spin, and 100 control. We can also supply the Advance Bat Set, including one bat, a neon green and black case with a ball pocket, and a trio of quality 3-star white balls. With advanced 44 speed and 32 spin, these paddles are best for experienced players.

To learn more about Stiga ping pong bats, do not hesitate to reach out by completing our contact form or emailing If you would prefer to speak to a member of our team directly, call 033312 101 101, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

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