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Butterfly Free Chack Pro 90ml Glue

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Butterfly Free Chack Pro 90ml Glue

Butterfly free chack 90ml glue – The new FREE CHACK PRO glue is more viscous compared to the original FREE CHACK. It can increase the dwell time on the blade, resulting in higher amounts of spin. Glue bottle, clips and sponge for application. Note: Please shake before use.

 After applying the glue to the sponge and blade leave for about 10 minutes then this glue perfectly sticks the sponge to the blade surface. Another great feature is that it is also very easy to remove the rubber from the blade and clean any remaining glue from the sponge.  In the set you will receive a 37ml bottle of free chack glue, a clip applicator and 15 chack application sponges.

Directions of Use:

Apply the glue with the aid of the small bottle (take off the cap) to the sponge of the table tennis rubber.

Fixate one of the foam rolls into the clip and spread the glue by the use of this roll evenly.

Apply glue to the blade’s surface.

spread evenly same as above.

When applying the glue it is milky white. After spreading it, the glue starts to change its colour. When it has become transparent you can affix rubber to blade.


  • 90ml bottle of free chack Pro glue.
  • Sponge clip applicator.
  • 15 chack applicator sponges.

Butterfly Free Chack 90ml Glue

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