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Butterfly Small Table Cover

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Butterfly Small Table Cover

Butterfly small table cover – Suitable for the following Butterfly tennis table tables:

  • Space Saver Rollaway 22mm.
  • Space Saver Rollaway 25mm.
  • Europa.
  • Octet and Centrefold Rollaway.
  • Spirit Outdoor 10, 12 and 18.
  • Spirit 16 and 19.
  • National League 22 and 25.


Looking After Your Table:

To obtain the best value and long life for your table, we recommend that good care is taken in looking after it, including:

  • Before assembling table, please read the instructions. There is also helpful advice on the underside of the table.
  • Store the table in a suitable area away from places where damage can occur.
  • When you move the table from the storage areas to the playing position and back, take suitable care. We recommend that two adults who are familiar with the safety and braking systems should carry out this task.
  • Make full use of the brake systems in both the play and storage positions, release the brakes before moving.
  • Clean the tops on a regular basis using the recommended products.
  • For outdoor tables, it is very important to store the table in an area which is not exposed to heavy winds.
  • For outdoor tables always use a cover. For rollaway tables the upright version and for permanent tables the full size cover.
  • Your table is an expensive piece of sports equipment which requires being properly looked after. Never leave children unaccompanied with the table.


  • Length: 172cm
  • Height: 156cm
  • Depth: 60cm


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