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Butterfly Table Cleaner

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Butterfly Table Cleaner

Butterfly table cleaner – A vaporizer liquid which meets modern day health requirements and is produced under latest technical point of view. It dissolves dust, grease and dirt from the playing surface of the table tennis table.

Apply the vaporizer with a suitable and clean cloth and rub the playing surface of the table until it is dry and all dirt is removed.

Ingredients: Solution of tensides, ultimate elements, additives, water-soluble solvents and auxiliary supplies in water. Vaporizer is produced in a 500ml spray bottle.


  • VOC free liquid developed using latest biological techniques
  • Dissolves dust, perspiration, and dirt from the playing surface
  • Restores your table surface for consistent play
  • 500 ml pump spray bottle
  • Made in Germany

Butterfly Table Cleaner


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