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Cornilleau Excell 2000 Competition Bat

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Cornilleau Excell 2000 Competition Bat

Cornilleau Excell 2000 Competition Bat – The Cornilleau Excell 2000 competition table tennis bat and its “Offensif” coating accentuates your strong point: power strokes. Confidence is a key asset for table tennis players, and this bat will offer you security and peace of mind. Its speed will be an ally for topspins, while its adherence will allow your serve to shine. With the Excell 2000, which has received the ITTF label, you’re ready to go on the attack.


  • Precision and spin The 6-star ITTF Performa 1 rubber ensures a good return of spin.
  • Speed Its 1.8 mm dynamic foam ensures a good speed play.
  • Performance The 5-ply blade will provide you both sensations and speed play.
  • Carbon technology The carbon increase rigidity for more power in the play.
  • Speed: 9
  • Spin: 9
  • Control: 6

Cornilleau Excell 2000 Competition Bat

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