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Cornilleau Nexeo X90 Table Tennis Bat

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Cornilleau Nexeo X90 Table Tennis Bat

Cornilleau Nexeo X90 Table Tennis Bat – A recently introduced range, these outdoor bats stand apart in terms of performance. They are fast, high-precision bats made from a strong black one-piece composite material with a elastomer white handle which is ergonomic for an optimum grip, while also being shock resistant and weatherproof. The sponge backed, smooth rubber cover ensures perfect spin restitution.  The blade has also been reinforced with carbon fibre for even greater speed.


  • Speed: Its dynamic sponge ensures fast play.
  • Precision and spin: Its innovative covering ensures perfect spin restitution.
  • Comfort: The Nexeo’s elastomer handle, with its ergonomic form, ensures optimal grip.
  • Speed: 9
  • Spin: 8.5
  • Control: 7.5
  • Made in France: Product designed, developed and manufactured in France.

Cornilleau Nexeo X90 Table Tennis Bat

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