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Practice Partner 80 Table Tennis Robot

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Practice Partner 80 Table Tennis Robot

Practice partner 80 table tennis robot – Great for club and professional use.


  • Great for club and professional use.
  • Adjust robot head to apply top, back or side spin to the ball.
  • Produces all spin and float combinations.
  • Simple to use.
  • Robust casing for durability.
  • Stand with 4 wheels for easy movement.
  • Oscillation.
  • Ball holder and recycling system.
  • Remote control facility with self programming.
  • Double spin wheel for a wider variation of spins.
  • Auto irregular spin mode.
  • Different spins on alternative balls.
  • 30 pre set serve sequences.
  • Long and short ball programmable.
  • Angle (up and down) of shooting head controlled by the remote.
  • 25-95 balls per minute.
  • Variable ball positions can be achieved as well as head oscillation.
  • Includes collection net.
  • 1-Year Warranty.


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