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Sure Shot Matthew Syed Outdoor Set

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Sure Shot Matthew Syed Outdoor Set

Sure Shot Matthew Syed Outdoor Set – The Matthew Syed Outdoor Set from Sure Shot – one of the leading brands in table tennis.

This super Outdoor Table Tennis Set cannot be missed if you’re a table tennis lover or a casual player. Includes the Sure Shot Flex Net, as well as two outdoor table tennis bats and 2 balls. Suitable for use outdoors, as well as indoors.

Suitable for homes, offices or schools the net is designed to be fitted to any table surface to create a table tennis net. The set allows you to play a game on virtually any tabletop.

Easy to install and operate each post includes a clamp to fix to a table edge – up to a maximum of 5cm thickness. With an easy clip spring system, the net is easy to set up and to take off. The net itself is designed to automatically roll inside the posts – helping to create the required tension for a consistent height throughout the width of the net.

Included within the set are two Outdoor Table Tennis bats – specially designed thermo-plastic rubber for outdoor use. The materials offer’s elasticity and a spring effect that provide a bat with excellent control, with good speed and spin. These bats are weather and shock resistant and included a flared grip handle for a comfortable grip. The set is complete with two orange table tennis balls – 40mm.

All items contained within a handy carry case for easy storage.

Endorsed by Matthew Syed – Britain’s most famous and successful table tennis player of the modern era. Four times English and three times Commonwealth Champion, Matthew Syed has thrilled crowds throughout the world with his spectacular mix of long-distance defence and sharp attack.

  • This clever set allows you to play a game on virtually any table top.
  • Easy to install and operate, suitable for mass entertainment and competition use.
  • The posts holding the net instantly clasp around the table edge and the net automatically stretches to the correct width.
  • Comes with 2 x Sure Shot outdoor Table Tennis bats & Balls.

Tension:                              Automatic

Size:                                      6” height x 5’ length (max)

Included in this set:

Sure Shot Matthew Syed Flex Net

Sure Shot Matthew Syed Outdoor Red Table Tennis Bat

Sure Shot Matthew Syed Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Bat

Sure Shot Matthew Syed Outdoor Set

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