Why Do Table Tennis Bats Have Two Colours?

The table tennis bat – also known as a table tennis paddle or table tennis racket – may seem like a strikingly simple piece of sports equipment. But this nifty little device has a few hidden qualities, and one of its stand-out features lies in its colour.

Think the rubber colours on a table tennis bat are just about aesthetics? There’s more to it than that. Let us explain…

Small Things Make a Big Difference

Once you get beyond the very basic bats that tend to come as standard with table tennis kits, you’ll find that paddles are engineered to help improve your game by balancing three characteristics: speed, spin and control. This is achieved by the addition of small but purpose-designed features, to give you an edge.

For example, thumb notches allow you to position your blade more precisely, while anatomic handles reduce fatigue on the hand.  The very best table tennis bats for sale from PingPongPower combine many or all of these features.

Importantly, the type of rubber used on a bat can make a big difference regarding the way in which a game is played. And that’s why, in order to keep contests fair, different colours are used to indicate to your opponent how each shot is being taken.

Colour Code

Back before the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) stipulated – in 1983 – that one side of a table tennis paddle must be black and one side red, it was almost impossible for players to distinguish which type of rubber surface their opponent was using to take a shot.

Different rubbers perform in different ways. So, an inverted rubber surface on a bat can help with speed of return. A ‘long pimple’ surface, conversely, can increase friction and create more spin. If both sides of the bat were the same colour but comprised different rubber types, it would be very difficult to judge the style of shot that was about to be played. It was in the interests of fairness and transparency then, that the black and red colour code was introduced.

Get the Detail Right

What all of this points to, of course, is that the world of table tennis rackets is all about subtle differences and finding the product which is right for you.

That’s where brands like Butterfly come in. A wide range of Butterfly tennis bats is available, each with subtly different characteristics, making them suitable for a variety of players and playing conditions.

As your playing gets better and better, you will realise how slight adjustments to your equipment can make all the difference in this fast-paced game. And at PingPongPower we are expertly placed to help you hit upon the perfect paddle.

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