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Table Tennis Bat & Table Care

For products that allow you to care for the essential tools you need to improve your game and generally have fun with, come to us for all of your table tennis bat care and ping pong table care products and needs. No matter what your sport is, the game will always be enhanced by the quality of equipment and gear you use every time.  Even if you buy the best equipment, it will only continue to serve you well, when you take the care needed to keep them giving their best performance before and after each game.  Therefore, we have a good choice of care products for your bat and table.

Ping Pong Paddle care

Here at Ping Pong Power, we have a passion for what we offer.  And with that passion comes a knowledge of what motivates our customers when they play their game.  It is well established that a lot of players like to use a particular make of paddle, as well as preferring a type of table to play on.  Although there are many choices of table you can play on, meaning that if you play professionally or compete at clubs with others, you will not have as much say in the tables they use, you will always have the choice when it comes to your ping pong paddle.  Therefore, having suitable ping pong bat care products at your disposal, will allow you to use the equipment you feel most gives you an edge.

As you use your bat or paddle, dirt and grime, such as from the natural perspiration that you experience during play, can build up and cause the bat to feel uncomfortable in your hand, or can create an uneven surface on the blade.  Using a professional rubber cleaner for bat care in table tennis along with a suitable sponge that will not leave behind residue will keep your lucky paddle in the best condition.  Should you experience a crack or break in your bat, do not despair!  Our choice of ping pong paddle care products includes a choice of crack clue, that can keep your gaming supplies in use for much longer.

Table Tennis Table Care

For those of you that like to use Butterfly products, whether it be the table, or any of their other equipment, look at the cleaning products made from the same high quality merchandise company.  With the butterfly table cleaner, you can remove grease, perspiration and dust from the surface without scratching or marking the table tennis rubber itself.  This table tennis table care product as well as other cleaning and maintenance products available help you to restore your rubber table top for consistent and fair playing and a smooth surface.

All the products we sell meet with the requirements needed to provide safe ways to keep your equipment in tip top condition, while keeping it clean.

If you are looking for any bat care for ping pong products then come to Ping Pong Power.  We make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the game, and make the most of your favourite equipment.

Please check out the other products on our website, such as our other accessories and choice of equipment.  For anything else, you can call the experts directly.

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