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Table Tennis Bat Covers

Maintaining your equipment is vital to getting the most enjoyment out of your chosen sport, and to developing your skill to its full potential.  A table tennis bat cover is the best way to protect your bats under all circumstances.

For the enthusiasts of many sports, there is a moment when the activity goes from being a pass time to a passion, and from then on the individual is prepared to redouble their efforts to improve and become the best they can be.  It is usually at this point in their endeavours they will choose to upgrade their equipment – snooker players their cues, surfers their surfboards, and we table tennis players our bats – in order to perform and compete at a higher level.  Better gear is usually more expensive, and may also be more fragile, than the beginner equipment we started out with.  That’s why it’s so important to take care of it.

A table tennis bat cover is the first line of defence for your new bat.  It will protect it, while in transit and in storage, from knocks, scrapes, spills, and many other threats.  A table tennis bat is a simple object, and it may sound extreme to take such measures.  However, you have likely already realised that this game is all about delicate touches and fine margins.  The slightest dent or imperfection in the surface of your bat can make a great difference in the accuracy of your shots, and a good quality TT bat cover will keep it smooth and level just as it should be.

You can choose the best ping pong bat cover to suit your needs.  Some have space for one bat, others for two.  Some players prefer a TT bat cover which has additional storage pockets for balls.  We also have table tennis bat and cover packages available.

Sadly, few high street sports stores carry an extensive range of ping pong bat covers.  But all is not lost!  You can buy your table tennis bat cover online from Ping Pong Power, along with other equipment such as bats, balls, tables, nets, and even practice robotsContact us today for more information.

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