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Competition Accessories

Here at Ping Pong Power, we offer a range of options for hosting Table Tennis competitions. If you are sourcing items for a professional organisation or club, or an enthusiast that wants to recreate a professional environment to play competitively with friends or family. We have a range of accessories to create the perfect setup.

Our competition accessories are of the highest quality, as we specialise in providing all things Ping Pong related. Because of our passion for the sport, we can get you all geared out and ready to host the competition of a lifetime.

Ping Pong Power has a range of accessories for Table Tennis competitions and Ping Pong competition accessories. We are excited to provide you with whatever you need to bring this sport to life, through the joy of competing. To keep the competition moving smoothly, we offer an excellent range of products to organise and manage the flow of players competing, including umpire tables, ball net, net measure gauge, towel and ball stand. All our products have clear descriptions to help our customers pick the item that will be just right for their needs. These products are all produced by official sport suppliers and feature their logos, showing a mark of quality.

A Table Tennis scoring machine is an important part of any form of play, but even more so during a competition. Let us help you provide professional and fair score keeping with our range of scoring machines. We have the best quality scoring machine options suitable for clubs and schools, or if you want to invest in personal use. All machines are made for professional use, easy to handle and come with protective storage cases.

If you need more information on our product range or advice on how to host a professional playing environment, please contact Ping Pong Power on 033312 101 101 or you can email us at We will be happy to share our expertise.

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